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Occupational health specialists recommend that max. 50% of the office working hours should be spent in a sitting, 25% in a standing, and the rest in a moving mode.
Offering various possibilities for sitting and standing promotes a healthy back, it prevents damage to the spine and to the intervertebral discs. The employer also benefits: Employees who remain seated all the time, are tiring more quickly, their attention diminishes and their performance curve decreases.

In case of pre-existing health damage social security institutions cover for part of the costs. Please ask us!

contec plus is fitted with motorized height adjustment. High-quality aluminium lifting columns, each driven by an individual motor, allow users to adjust the working height until the standing height is reached. An integrated collision protection prevents damages and protects users against injuries.

Bench solution based on contec plus furniture range with translucent acoustic elements; the tables are adjusted independently of one another.

Angular solution with contec plus: Freeform tabletop with three lifting columns

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