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Environment and Sustainability


Our responsibility towards the environment – from development to delivery
We do not package our products unnecessarily. Instead we use packing blankets which we reuse for the next delivery. We plan our transport routes carefully, and since our products require little space in transit, we optimise the use of loading areas. Every year, we produce 400,000 kWh of solar power on the roofs of our production halls. As a manufacturer we have, however, already been able to deliver on the most important principle of sustainability for years: We produce and sell durable quality products, having already put a lot of thought into the sensible use of materials and resources during the design and development stages.
  • Our photovoltaic plant covers almost 100% of our energy needs, as every year we manage to feed back into the grid almost the equivalent of what we use.
  • Made in Germany – We manufacture our furniture exclusively in Germany. Furthermore, our suppliers also produce only in Germany and Austria.
  • Our products are designed so they occupy very little space during transport. This helps us to save on truck mileage, which in turn helps reduce traffic and lower our CO2 emissions.
  • We protect our furniture during shipping almost exclusively with reusable packing blankets.
  • All metal and plastic parts are either screwed in or plugged in and can therefore be replaced or exchanged at any time.
  • Thanks to our high quality standards we are able to offer a warranty of altogether five years, which clearly exceeds the legal requirements.
  • We also reduce our environmental impact with our rain water treatment plant.
  • We heat our manufacturing halls, using the wood waste from production and therefore do not have to rely on fossil fuels.
  • We use wood materials designated as environmentally-friendly products according to DIN ISO 14025. These materials bind more CO2 than is released during their production.


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