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gumpo GmbH & Co. KG
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84130 Dingolfing / Germany
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Welcome to gumpo Büromöbel

Offices are both living spaces and creative spaces where people spend a significant part of their lives. The demands on the surroundings and furnishings have become more diverse. This is why we at gumpo Büromöbel and idea Raum-Möbel-System offer customised solutions for your requirements.
All programmes of our product range are unique and original, but can still be combined with each other at all times. gumpo Büromöbel focuses on serial production, while at idea Manufaktur the furniture is manufactured with dedicated craftsmanship and precision. Together, they form a competent duo with decades of experience assuring you of sophisticated products – now and in future.

the Squetch-Container – a drawer unit with extended base area and a carcass allowing for simple electrification; it provides an ideal space for local printers and is available in two widths and three depths.  

NEW - Pull-out cabinets
New possibilities for designing spaces  

Votteler + Votteler
Prof. Arno Votteler is one of the founding fathers of German design. He stands for the “secondary modernist” movement and is one of the founding members of the Association of German Industrial Designers and founder of the Weißenhof Institute in Stuttgart. Since 1996 he manages the Votteler + Votteler office  

pinatec - The special feature: the patented folding mechanism
pinatec makes a subtle and simple addition to its surroundings. It can easily be combined with other furniture.  

archiva - cabinet system, management, living
Reserved or striking, representative or stylish: archiva is a cabinet system that can play any role in rooms.  

Counters and reception desks
The counter is the first contact point in your company. gumpo offers you numerous possibilities for an appealing and representative design of your entrance lobby.  

Conference and meeting
The environment for decision-makers: Exclusive and perfectly worked materials.  

You can enjoy its spaciousness already when opening it.  

Call Center furniture
We creates office environments that are as colourful and varied as the people working there.  


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